About Dr. Kelkar’s Eye Hospital

As we proudly enter into our 15th year of patient service, we look back with immense joy and satisfaction on our journey from just a small OPD cabin to a full fledged Eye Hospital having all facilities for patient eye care. This journey, although challenging and difficult has also been extremely satisfying for us.

We are also extremely grateful to the people of Thane for loving us and trusting us with their most precious organs – their eyes. This trust shown in our abilities, also bestows a great responsibility, which we will always strive to fulfill.

We are very happy to present our new website, so that patients can have access to all the relevant information about our Hospital, thus enabling them to connect with us and make informed decisions about availing our services.

Dr. Kelkar’s Eye Hospital is headed by Dr. Rahul Kelkar. As a responsible eye surgeon, eye doctor, ophthalmologist in Pokhran Road (Thane), he aims to offer affordable medical services related to ophthalmology to the people in and around Thane.


Technology Infrastructure

Healthcare technology has rapidly evolved in the last few decades but especially so in the field of Ophthalmology. We always strive to keep pace with these advances and deliver the best technology to our patients.

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Haag Streit Slit Lamp
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Topcon Digital Auto Kerato Refractometer
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Zeiss Surgical Microscope
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Advanced Diagnostic Equipment
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Digital Auto Kerato Refractometer

This machine from the Japanese Industry leader Topcon, coupled with a digital vision chart is used for basic screening of Refractive errors as it gives the most accurate results in patients of all ages.

Haag Streit Slit lamp (Switzerland)

Coupled with Volk 90 Diopter lens (USA) with Inami Applanation Tonometer (Japan), this is used for detailed evaluation of the patients’ eyes.

Zeiss Surgical Microscope (Germany) and High end Optikon Phacoemulsification machine (Italy)

The excellent visualisation given by the Zeiss optics and the Micro Pulse energy delivery of the Phaco machine give safe, and predictable results in Cataract surgery patients and minimises chances of surgical complications.

Our Team

Dr. Rahul Kelkar
M.B.B.S, M.S , ( Mumbai )
Fellowship Training at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai .
Fellowship Training at New Vision Laser Center, Mumbai.
Dr. Preeti Kelkar
M.B.B.S, D.A (Mumbai)
Dr Preeti is an alumnus of Seth. G.S Medical College and K.E.M Municipal Hospital, Parel, Mumbai which ranks among the best Medical Colleges...

We at Dr Kelkar’s Eye Hospital strongly believe in honest hard work with attention to detail, and a pursuit of quality over quantity in everything that we do. This is the bedrock of our work philosophy and it has given us excellent results with thousands of satisfied patients over the years.

Our Work Ethic

Both Dr Rahul and Dr Preeti Kelkar believe that when it comes to healthcare workers, the qualities of discipline, efficiency and empathy are a must.
All staff members are periodically trained and re-trained, to ensure that they carry out their duties correctly and efficiently.
They are also sensitised to the needs and anxieties of our patients, and taught to empathise with them, thus enhancing the quality of the care delivered.


Doctor checks eyes in detail also he checks spectacle number himself. I got Progressive glasses made from here; it is very comfortable.
V Jagtap
Dr Rahul kelkar sir is very good at caring patients. Overall Good dr at Vartaknagar, Thane.
Anant Naik
I got my father operated for Cataract here, the Operation was over in 15 minutes, there was no pain. Very good doctor, and staff.
Swati Khedekar
My father was not able to see clearly due to jaali on his lens, Dr Kelkar treated him with laser, now he can see very clearly.
Ritisha Kadam

StreamLight Trans-PRK

Advanced Surface Ablation Technology Now available at Dr. Kelkar’s Eye Hospital in association with I – Sight Lasik Centre Thane.

I am very happy to share with you a new and exciting Technology for Laser Vision Correction. In association with I – Sight Lasik Centre Thane, we have started offering our patients the new StreamLight Trans-PRK Advanced Surface Ablation Technique for getting rid of their Glasses or Contact Lenses. This is a Revolutionary New Technique of Performing Laser Vision Correction. In Conventional Lasik, a Corneal Flap is first fashioned out of the patient’s cornea, using a Microkeratome, and after that, the Excimer Laser is used to reshape the underlying cornea. In Bladeless Lasik, the flap is made using the Femtosecond Laser, instead of the Microkeratome.

However, the minimal risk of Flap related complications still remains in both these procedures. In StreamLight Trans-PRK, No flap is made, thus eliminating the risk of flap related complications. This is a totally No Touch technique, in which the Excimer Laser is used to first remove the superficial Epithelium of the cornea, and then the same laser is used to reshape the cornea.

Dr Rahul Kelkar and his team at ‘I – Sight Lasik Center, Thane’

This maintains the Structural Integrity of the Cornea, vastly reducing the risk of ectasia in the years following the procedure.

The only drawback is longer recovery time compared with Conventional Lasik. Complete recovery from this new procedure takes 3-4 weeks, while regular Lasik takes just one week for recovery.

All our lasik patients undergo a thorough evaluation process before their laser vision correction, after which we can take a decision about which procedure might best suit the particular patient.